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Nuragic Warriors from prehistoric Sardinia: an osteological and experimental analysis


The Nuragic civilisation starts in Sardinia, Italy, in 1800 BC in the ancient bronze age, and ends around 500 b. C. with the Punic conquest of the island. The name of this culture came from the big stone structures called Nuraghi, typical stone towers of the Sardinia landscape (similar to the Scottish Brochs) believed to be built around 1600-1400 BC, and used by nuragics until the iron age, around 800-600 BC when they were reconverted as temple structures.

Other structures, typical of the nuragic culture, are the Giant's Tomb and the Sacred Wells. The first ones are much older, as they first appear in the very beginning of the nuragic culture. These tombs are collective burials, and they can be considered similar to the allee couvert, but with the addition of a pair of stone wings in the main entrance area, called "esedra", and with a particular large flat stone with a hole in the bottom, called  centering stele, for his particular "A" shape decoration, w…