domenica 20 dicembre 2015

Sardinian Warrior is Back in UK

Sardinian Warrior is back in UK and it will remain for a long time.

Now start this new adventure in a new country. After 8 years of reenactment and historical fencing in Sardinia (Italy), i've moved to UK. Why? Because life is strange. I've stayed in England for the past 3 weeks, and after a short journey back to my country i'm returned, for a long time i guess.
Now it's time to some action and demonstrate all that i have studied in the past 8 years. I'm a skilled handicraft reenactor, with experience in prehistoric (bronze age), roman and mid-14 cent reenactment. I have deeply studied Fiore dei Liberi's Flos Duellatorum treatise, and I have made a lot of reenacting events, fighting in the HMB, plus some experience in other treatises of fencing, I-33, Achille Marozzo and other styles of weapons, plus I'm instructor in Dynamic Archery (Combat Archery). I've also studied some Escrima and i'm disposed to learn new styles of combat and to teach what i've learned.
If you are in UK and are interested in what i do, contact me.
Alessandro Atzeni

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